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Rudy Ramos


Chef Vegicano (Rudy Ramos) is all about good food & good vibes; a former musician by trade and vegan for over 14 years, he got his start cooking vegan with Food Not Bombs. He is self-taught and most recently known for being a part of various pop-ups throughout New York City.

My mission is simple: Make fun, delicious food for EVERYONE!



To us, delicious food is like good music - it should hit the right notes while keeping a steady groove - making sure everyone can sing along. From deliciously piquant flavors to sugary sweet treats - we've got a little something for everyone!


Feeding others flavorful food is our idea FUN! Our food is a basically a reflection of how we live - a plant based party - 7 days a week!


Creating the best vegan food we can, for ALL to enjoy is our number one priority! Less meat on your plate means more animals saved. Simple as that.